Structured Help Supports Life-Long Sobriety

Making the right choices during your recovery process can decide how well or poorly you cope in the real world. After an intensive residential or outpatient treatment, you are pretty much on your own. While your body feels restored and your mind is not numb or powerless anymore, the likelihood of slipping back into past habits remains. When in a vulnerable state, structured support is essential to a sustained recovery-based lifestyle. Halfway House The Missing Link helps individuals deal with the confusions of early sobriety in a safe and positive residential living environment.

Reasons to Choose The Missing Link

It is a known fact that the period of early abstinence is most grueling and brings many recovering addicts down to their knees. ‘It’s killing me’ and ‘I ain’t got it’ are common complaints; individuals previously consumed by alcohol and drugs find themselves changing dramatically and that’s never easy. Giving up or breaking down completely is not uncommon, which defeats the whole purpose of undergoing treatment in the first place. A strong support system of clinical therapists, counselors, peers and family can lend a helping hand every time you are down. Staying optimistic, proud and sober starts becoming more natural and over time, you learn to self-manage your feelings.

The Missing Link provides the support system you need.

We prepare you for life: Acclimatizing to your community as a newly sober individual is a frightening experience. Staying clean is just one part of the equation – you may have to rebuild you career and relationships also. Our all-round approach to recovery helps you address various facets of transitioning back to society. We are focused on providing a guided routine, communication and stress management, career resumption, educational support and re-socialization.

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“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck” goes a famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Let us be your gate and opportunity to live a sober, rewarding and happy life. Contact us today and prepare for a better tomorrow.